Why Madurai – Tuticorin Industrial Corridor is Important to India?

Madurai is the Third Populated City in Tamilnadu and 25th Populated City in India with Well Established Infrastructure facility has a International Airport that Connect with Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and other major Domestic also has direct flight to Singapore, Colombo, Dubai. Currently it served as major hub to the south Tamilnadu. Apart from Airway Madurai has good connection of Railways and State Bus Transport.

Madurai is the Tier 2 City for IT and Software Companies, 2 Special Economic Zone is available in the Sub Urban of the City. HCL is the Major IT Service company with many small players in the IT Field. Madurai Economy is based on the Agriculture and Small Scale Manufacturing Industries. Madurai Jasmine is the best exporting product from the South India.

Tuticorin is the port city also known as pearl city of Tamilnadu, It’s Economy is based one the Salt Export and Other Small Scale Activities. Tuticorin Port is the Second largest in Tamilnadu and Fourth Largest Container Terminal in India, It is one of the Major Ports in India.

Madurai – Tuticorin Industrial Sector is one of the Fast Developing Sector in the India.

Connecting These Two Major City will benefit the State as well as the Country, Lack of Transport and Air Connectivity will be managed by Madurai and Sea Port will do much more when it comes to combination. Shipping by Tuticorin will rise while the Integration if MTIC(Madurai – Tuticorin Industrial Corridor). Tourism will boom to the south Tamilnadu by connecting more international routes to the Madurai International Airport.

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